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The Book

How much is enough for you?

For most of us, money and happiness are among the biggest issues in our lives today. And the good news is, we’re better placed than ever to enjoy all that’s available to us.

But are we losing our way?

As a community, we've become richer but not happier. We fill our houses with ‘more stuff’, treat celebrities as gods and strive to keep up with the Joneses at any cost.

Saving for the future has in many circumstances been made redundant by the desire for instant gratification. Yet when we have our plasma TVs and stainless steel appliances, we’re no happier. The more we have, the more we want.

Our thinking controls our behaviour

The way we think plays a huge role in determining our wealth and wellbeing. Our minds have not evolved as quickly as the world around us. The instincts that worked well on the African savannah can let us down in modern life.

Being one of the herd used to be essential to survival. Today, staying with the herd can mean competing with the Joneses and simply doing what everyone else does. It may not be a path to happiness.

So what can we do about it?

Achieving success

The good news is that success requires just three things: finding the balance between wealth and wellbeing that works for you; staying focused on what’s important and becoming master of your mind.

We can start by doing some simple planning, looking within, instead of to others, and asking the right questions. Instead of asking, ‘how much money do I need to be happy?’, we can try asking ‘how can I be truly happy?’ Secondary is ‘how much money will I need to support me in pursuit of my true values and goals?’

This leads to the fundamental question: how much is enough? Enough money? Enough time with your family? Enough time to pursue your passions? And how do you balance all this to attain fulfilment?

Drawing on research in psychology and behavioural finance, plus their years of practical experience, Arun Abey and Andrew Ford show how to identify your true values, set goals for each stage of your life, and arrange your finances to achieve them. This practical, accessible guide will not only challenge the way you think about money and happiness, but may well inspire you to change your life.