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Finance Calculators

Here's a selection of financial calculators which can help you to work out how much is enough for what you want.

Basic Savings Calculator
Car Savings Calculator

Retirement Savings Calculator

  Saving for a car  
    1. Your starting position    
    What is today's date (dd/mm/yyyy)  
    How much does the car you want cost?  
    How much money do you have now?  
    Savings period (years)  
    Amount to be saved  
    2. The minimum saving amount    
    You will have to save this much:    
    - per year  
    - per month  
    - per week  
    - per day  
    3. How you could save extra money  
    Go without:   Saving per month
    - A can of coke per day
    - 4 SMS messages per day
    Get a part time job ($50 per week)
    Or find another way to save some
    money each week:  
    Extra amount saved per month  
    Total saved per month  
    Have money for car by:  
    Have this amount by end of year 12:  
    4. How do you invest the money?  
    Where you invest the money:
    Have money for car by:  
        New calc
    Have this amount by end of year 12:
    Save this much less per month  
    Minimum saving rate  
    New saving rate  

Please read before using the calculator

Important information:

This calculator should be used after having read How Much is Enough? , especially the sections that describe investment returns and risks. The results of the calculator are based on the input assumptions which you are free to adjust. In the case of investment in the sharemarket, we consider a long term nominal (that is, including inflation) return of 10% per annum to be reasonable based on historical evidence.

However, the sharemarket is volatile and may produce negative returns for significant periods of time. The calculator does not make any adjustments for future inflation. The calculator should be used as a tool to give you an estimate of how different input assumptions can affect the outcome.

It is not to be relied upon for making a financial decision and is not a substitute for financial advice.