Can cash make YOU happy?

Take our quiz and find out just how happy money makes you.

1. All your friends are investing in a company that promises to be a hit on the stock market. Do you:

  1. Buy lots of shares. Your friends say it's a sure thing so it's not really a gamble.
  2. Turn down the investment. Saving is far safer.
  3. Buy a few shares. You've plenty of money so it can't do any harm.
  4. Check the firm's details and only buy if it's low risk.

2. You see a flash car you'd love to buy. Do you:

  1. Buy it. Everyone you know has nice car.
  2. Hold on to your reliable old motor.
  3. Treat yourself - buy it in two colours.
  4. Look at the long term, if it will hold its value you decide to splash out.

3. You have the option of leaving your job to start up you own company. Do you:

  1. Take the plunge. You've a head for figures so you think you'll do well on your own.
  2. Pass. You have a reliable pay cheque coming in every month.
  3. Don't do it alone. If you can make more money it's worth it but you need a partner.
  4. Draft a detailed plan and get expert advice before proceeding.

4. You want to go on holidays, but you're short on cash. Do you:

  1. Pack your bags regardless and put it on the credit card.
  2. Give it a miss. Why splash out when you should be saving for the future.
  3. Look for the best four star resort for a well deserved break.
  4. Browse for bargains and book something affordable.

5. You want to buy a house but the market is looking gloomy. Do you:

  1. Buy a lavish pile. No point in waiting when you can get it now.
  2. Start saving for a deposit and wait for things to pick up.
  3. Get a huge mortgage and snap up the first city centre penthouse you see.
  4. Experts say invest so you check the options before buying a modest property.