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Reviewed by Irene Watson for Reader Views (4/09)

The introduction of “How Much is Enough?” by financial advisors Arun Abey and Andrew Ford proclaims “…becoming master of your mind, you can have it all.” According to the authors it all stems on making choices, maximizing our personal potential, and finding happiness within rather than through money.

Using fables, stories, questions, exercises, reading resources, and charts, the authors give a concise and informative plan to create our own prosperity and abundance. Of course, like with any plan, setting goals is the foremost and most important exercise. But, in this case, the authors have the reader focus on his or her personal attributes, such as: What motivates you? What causes you stress? What are your hobbies? They have a complete section on strategies for your own well-being. Part two of the book addresses wealth habits and part three addresses wealth and well-being. In the end, the authors give the reader the opportunity to look at their own lives again and re-visit career choice, as well as apply strengths and financial strategies.

Abey and Ford have created a timely resource book, not only for financial freedom but for personal discovery. “How Much is Enough?” addresses our individual lives and thoughts, the most important aspects of achieving any dreams, not only personal but financial. To my knowledge, there is no other personal finance book on the market that actually places our personal selves before our financial selves.

 “Powerful and thought provoking . . . will increase your life balance and bank balance.”
Harold Evensky, certified financial planner, author of Wealth Management, adjunct professor of financial planning at Texas Tech University

 “Thought-provoking and ultimately uplifting—I will be permanently better off for having read it.”
James O'Loughlin, author of The Real Warren Buffett

  “Buy a copy of this book. If it doesn't make a measurable change to your thinking, I'll give you a refund . . . and I don't even say that about my book!”
Scott Pape, columnist, Herald Sun, and author, The Barefoot Investor

“The best book I have ever read on money, happiness, and the steps you can take to achieve your dreams. Read it and you will live a happier life.”
Dr. Richard L. Peterson, founder of Market Psychology Consulting and author of Inside the Investor’s Brain: The Power of Mind over Moneauthor of The Real Warren Buffett

This book brings to life research in behavioral finance and psychology in a very practical way—it will make you re-think how you live your life.”
Professor Shlomo Benartzi, Co-chair of the Behavioral Decision Making Group, The Anderson School at University of California–Los Angeles

“Simply put, this is a GREAT book to read, but you'll find it's even a BETTER book to use. As I read it, I found myself wishing I had written it myself.”
Doug Lennick, certified financial planner, CEO of Lennick Aberman Group, and coauthor of Moral Intelligence: Enhancing Business Performance and Leadership Success